25 for 25: The story of the Miami Fusion from those who lived it

Chapter XXI: "The Reunion"

October 24, 2023 Joe Shaw Season 1 Episode 21
25 for 25: The story of the Miami Fusion from those who lived it
Chapter XXI: "The Reunion"
Show Notes

In Chapter XXI: "The Reunion" we FINALLY had our first ever Miami Fusion reunion event!

Held at Mickey Byrnes Irish Pub in Hollywood, FL on Friday, October 6, 2023 there was a LIVE podcast recording of '25 for 25' as part of the Miami Fusion Reunion Event festivities!

Former players, coaches, staff, and fans all congregated in their Fusion gear to drink beer, swap stories, cry, and laugh in a wonderous event. The weekend festivities concluded with some of those folks attending the Inter Miami game against FC Cincinnati on Saturday, October 7.

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL event and we captured as many stories as we could to fully complete THIS chapter of the Miami Fusion history.

THANK YOU to all who took time to get on the mic and share their stories:

- Jim Rooney (my captain and co-host)
- Ian Bishop
- John Trask
- Dona Cardoza
- Jaime Rojas
- Chris Henderson
- Dave Barry
- Michelle Kaufman
- Fernando Fiore
- Eric Eichmann
- Emmanuel (from the aFUSIONados)
- Laina DeLima Rosales
- Leo Sarmiento
- Jeff Rusnak

We're nearing the end of our journey through the history books here in South Florida, and while there are still a few more stories yet to be told, please enjoy this wonderful event which occurred just a few short weeks ago!

In 2001, despite putting together one of the best seasons in MLS history (at that point and arguably since), MLS made the decision to fold both the Fusion and their Florida neighbors, the MLS original franchise, Tampa Bay Mutiny.

While MLS soccer has returned to Miami in the form of David Beckham's Inter Miami, much has been discussed of "what could've been?" Had the Miami Fusion been allowed to stay and build. Indeed, what WOULD a Miami Fusion look like in 2023?

This podcast tells the story of the Miami Fusion through the voices of those who actually lived it. 25 interviews across 25 episodes charting the good, the bad, and the unbelievable.